Parent Leaders for Accelerated

Curriculum and Education

Demand Parent Engagement on G&T

Mayor De Blasio and Chancellor Porter promised stakeholders a seat at the table to reimagine accelerated education. He promised this past January that it would occur throughout the year, stating:…

How the Mayor’s Big Decision Could Upend N.Y.C. School Admissions

Yiatin Chu, a Manhattan parent who signed the email to politicians, said there was wide support among members of the group for some changes to the admissions program, despite their deep concern about …

What to know about suit challenging alleged ‘racist’ education system in NYC

Chien Kwok, the co-founder of PLACE NYC — a parent-led organization advocating for expanding access to G&T programs — and a recently elected member of the Community Education Council of Distri…

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Challenging education for every student.

Integrated classrooms of life-long learners.

Access and opportunity to achieve full potential.

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Starting in September 2019, concerned parents formed PLACE NYC, Parent Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum Education in NYC. Citywide membership has grown to thousands of families in PLACE NYC’s information outreach efforts through PLACE NYC’s Facebook Group.

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Dedicated parents from across NYC.

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