Parent Leaders for Accelerated

Curriculum and Education

Test Anxiety

Asian-American parents mobilized to oppose the de Blasio administration’s specialized high school proposal. Now they’re fighting a larger battle. “Amid all the disagreement, it’s undeniabl…

Pertinent Education Bills 2021-2022 Legislative Session

NYS Senate S3087 – Repeals Hecht-Calandra by Senaor Salazar; co-sponsored by Senators Hoylman, Brisport, Jackson, Sepulaveda.No…

Education News Roundup: 65,000 DOE employees have gotten a COVID-19 vaccine

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Challenging education for every student.

Integrated classrooms of life-long learners.

Access and opportunity to achieve full potential.

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Starting in September 2019, concerned elected parent leaders representing tens of thousands of families in their official capacities coalesced forming PLACE NYC, Parent Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum Education in NYC. Citywide membership has grown to thousands of families in PLACE NYC’s information outreach efforts through FACE NYC, Friends of Accelerated Curriculum and Education in NYC.

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Dedicated parent leaders from across New York City.

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