Our Mission

PLACE NYC advocates for a high quality, challenging education for every student in all NYC DOE Public Schools by increasing the academic rigor of all school curricula. The parent leaders of PLACE NYC envision integrated classrooms of life-long learners where all students from across the entire learning ability spectrum are fully supported. Accelerated curricula at all grade levels improve individual student outcomes, advance integration efforts and strengthen school quality.

PLACE NYC supports increasing Gifted and Talented (G&T) seats and expanding admissions criteria so that families in every community have access to local G&T programs; expanding honors classes in middle schools to prepare students for academically challenging high schools; and creating additional Specialized High Schools to accommodate the overwhelming demand for academically accelerated, rigorous and advanced high school education.

PLACE NYC believes that a rigorous high-quality education is the right of all students and is fundamental to closing the achievement gaps. All students regardless of race, disabilities, English Language Learner status and socioeconomic level deserve the access and opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. Shortcuts and quick fixes shortchange students out of the high-quality education that every NYC public school student rightfully deserves.

The parent leaders of PLACE NYC demand a commitment to rigorous education options which prioritize full literacy and numeracy for all NYC students; an integrated school system with welcoming and supportive learning environments, increased high school graduation rates, and meaningful college-readiness.