The Engagement is “Off” – OPINION

Parents are rightly suspicious that the DOE is using Covid to try to dismantle academically screened schools. The DOE claims that the admissions changes are a one year “tweak” due to Covid, but if that is true why meet with so many “other stakeholders”, such as pastors, elected officials and academics instead of 4th and 7th grade families whose children will apply to Middle and High School next year?  

Last week the NYC Department of Education (DOE) came to Queens to “listen” to what Queens families had to say about Middle and High School admissions next year. 750 families tuned in, but only sixteen parents were able to share their concerns.

Over 150,000 students across the city apply to middle and high schools each year.  Queens students, who are top-performers in NYC, compete for, and gain entry to, some of the best programs and schools every year-and many families want those opportunities to remain for their children.

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