Queens Education Forum: September 24

Virtual Forum: Zoom event will be on Thursday, September 24 at 6pm.

Please RSVP to receive updates and the Zoom link to the Forum: https://forms.gle/fY243zLhxjMzzmkh9

About our co-sponsors:

Caribbean American Society of New York (CASONY)

The Caribbean American Society of New York (CASONY) promotes and encourages unity among Caribbean Americans. CASONY seeks to improve the social, educational, and economic status of our people both here and abroad through activism, charitable giving, cultural events and educational initiatives. In so doing, the organization strives to ensure members not only realize their full potential, but also remain cognizant of the challenges and opportunities present throughout the Caribbean.

Queens Parent United (QPU)

Queens Parents United is a coalition of parents, families, and other community stakeholders committed to pursuing excellence in our public school system for all by improving schools within each local community. We are united in our opposition to government imposed quotas as a substitute for quality in all public schools, forced busing/transit plans for children, and de-zoning and changes in zoning priorities in elementary and middle schools. We oppose the use of mandated “diversity plans” as a quick-fix for lack of school funding, and believe they serve as a distraction from the critical need to improve under-performing schools and build new schools in overcrowded areas.

South Asian Fund For Education, Scholarship & Training (SAFEST)

Founded in 2015, SAFEST is a Education based community organization that provides an empowerment voice for South Asian American community irrespective of their Language and culture whether educated or uneducated. SAFEST goal is to educate and train hundreds of South Asian immigrant, youth, adults, workers men and women especially those that are unemployed and underemployed everywhere in the community.

New York City Residents Alliance (NYCRA)

Equality. Solidarity. Education. Safety. NYCRA represents and organizes NYC residents from all five boroughs to promote and pursue justice and equality. NYCRA strives to improve community involvement in racial, political and educational equality. Our mission is to create safe and healthy schools and communities for all NYC parents and children.

Chinese American Citizens Alliance Greater New York (CACAGNY)

To empower Chinese Americans, as citizens of the United States of America, by advocacy for Chinese-American interests based on the principles of fairness and equal opportunity, and guided by the ideals of patriotism, civility, dedication to family and culture, and the highest ethical and moral standards.

Manuel Perez, NY Dem State Comm Member 34 AD, Pres of Wood-Heights Democratic Club

A graduate of NYC Public Schools and NYU, he has a Masters in Public Administration and is a Certified Master Coach, entrepreneur and has been a NYC science and math teacher. His bilingual experience with policy, volunteering and public service, as well as community participation and development in  New York City and overseas, has help him work with Northwest Queens neighbors and entrepreneurs since 2000. His personal mission is to help others succeed and become successful leaders who help their community thrive.