Today a Volunteer, Tomorrow a Leader: PLACE NYC

The Local Case Study: PLACE NYC

Every community can share insight into how civic involvement, particularly by women, has soared. In our NYC community, there is not only a recovery to work through, but a number of citywide elections and changes in education to consider. And one thing we’ve taken notice of is how women tend to rise to the occasion and get in front of issue that matter to their families.

Parent Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum and Education (PLACE NYC) rose up, pre-pandemic, to advocate for NYC DOE’s Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT). The test is used as part of the entrance process to some of the country’s best schools and has been a polarizing issue. Today, the organization advocates for a high quality, challenging education for all kids. But the point here is not the issue itself per se, it’s the commitment of the moms (and dads) involved and leading the organization. But the women, in particular, this type of work can put them in jobs that better resemble CEO roles.

In fact, one of the founders of PLACE NYC, is now running for City Council in New York City; an important, elected role. We spoke with Maud in late 2019 about this ambition (and have not only watched the path play out, but are involved in her campaign now).

And that takes us full circle to the point: women are leading. The are putting in the time, taking the risks and balancing it all with aplomb. Even if they aren’t as well represented in Fortune 500 boardrooms. It’s not one or the other when it comes to influence and outcomes.

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