PLACE NYC Co-Endorses Andrew Yang for Mayor

NEW YORK, NY, June 11, 2021 — PLACE NYC ( met with Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang and his campaign team to discuss Mr. Yang’s education position on Gifted & Talented programs, objective measures for school admissions and the Specialized High Schools.

After the thoughtful discussion, Mr. and Ms. Yang issued the attached letter clearly detailing his views and plans for NYC public schools. As a result, we have decided to enthusiastically support Mr. Yang as Mayor. His position on the immediate return to testing for Gifted & Talented programs and re-instituting objective measures for middle and high school admissions next year are critical issues for our advocacy. Mr. Yang will prioritize the expansion of the Gifted & Talented programs and Specialized High Schools to increase access, opportunity and capacity. He shared his firm belief in making all neighborhood schools strong, appointing a Chancellor who supports accelerated education and upholding high academic standards. As a result, PLACE NYC is upgrading its endorsement of Andrew Yang to a co-endorsement for NYC Mayor as a #1 ranked choice candidate.

PLACE NYC would like to thank Mr. Yang for taking the time to meet with our leadership and discussing NYC schools, accelerated education and the current achievement gaps that need to be addressed so that all NYC students can be successful. In addition, Andrew and Evelyn’s letter to the PLACE NYC community demonstrates Andrew’s willingness to listen to all viewpoints and ensure all students’ academic needs will be met under his leadership.