Call and Email Electeds to Save G&T

1. Call Eric Adams’ campaign office at (929) 474-3793 AND his Brooklyn Borough President Office at (718) 802-3700.

2. Call Your Electeds:
Look up your City council member:
Look up your Senator:
Look up your Assembly Member:

Phone Script – please personalize as you wish.

Hello, I’m a public school parent in your district. I am upset about the Mayor’s announcement on Friday about canceling G&T. They did not do the parent engagement that was promised. Please use your office to represent my family. Please demand they reinstate and expand G&T. Thank you.

Email Template – please personalize as you wish.


SUBJECT: Save G&T Programs

Dear [Borough President Adams OR Other Mayoral Candidates]:

Mayor de Blasio announced the elimination of the Gifted and Talented Program last Friday without holding any parent engagement that he promised. There will no longer be opportunities for families to pursue this program for their child, who may need accelerated education to meet their academic needs. Unfortunately, the Mayor’s ill-advised “Brilliant NYC” plan will do nothing to promote underserved communities. Teachers are already severely time-constrained and will not have the resources to teach classes with children four grade levels apart. I know you are a strong advocate for early childhood education and improving outcomes for all children in NYC. Gifted and Talented programs should be improved upon and expanded, not phased out and eliminated.

As a NYC mayoral candidate, I ask that you commit to take immediate action to reinstate and expand the Gifted and Talented program and offer universal testing so children from every neighborhood have access to G&T. It is critical that existing G&T programs are not negatively impacted by the Mayor’s drastic decision and these programs deserve a chance to continue while proper and thoughtful engagement is held.Thank you for standing up for public school families. We look forward to a brighter future for our children under your leadership.


[your name]