Critics argue new NYC high school admissions policies will harm Asian applicants

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Parent Kaushik Das, of Community Education Council 2 in Manhattan, said Wednesday that the approach will negatively impact Asian applicants.

“It’s part of an incessant attack on Asians at the Department of Education,” Das said. “It’s the latest watering down of standards and a not so thinly veiled attack on Asian students and meritocracy.”

The city’s Asian kids have long predominated at many of the Department of Education’s premier schools and have the highest admissions rates of any demographic.

Parent Yiatin Chu echoed Das, asserting that the new system is a “lottery masquerading as screened criteria.”

Chu said she hopes to avoid a renewal of hostilities between the DOE and Asian New Yorkers.

“Since he’s only a month in I will give him the benefit of the doubt in terms of shoring up the system in place to do better,” she said.

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