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PLACE NYC Petition to Mayor Adams and Chancellor Banks

All New York City Public School students should have access to Honors/Advanced classes in core subjects in every Middle School. 

For the past three years, many middle schools across the city have quietly eliminated academic programs that meet the needs of advanced learners, using the pandemic as a pretext. Mayor Adams campaigned on a promise of gifted education for EVERY child who needs it and many parents supported him for that reason. By delegating middle school admissions and curricula to districts, some superintendents have ignored the demands from parents and refused to offer sufficient Honors programs. In other words, students are not being taught at their level.

At a time when standards are being lowered to disguise the needs of struggling students, New York’s advanced learners are even more bored and unchallenged, leading to learning resistance and social struggles. At one of the most vulnerable periods of a child’s life, it is unconscionable to allow children to stagnate academically, denying them the opportunity for growth and to meet their potential. 

We urge Mayor Adams and Chancellor Banks to offer honors / advanced classes for EVERY child who is prepared to take on accelerated curriculum

Beginning with the 2023-24 school year, every middle school in New York City with three or more sections per grade should offer accelerated classes in both ELA and mathematics in each grade level. In addition, accelerated classes in both social studies and science, with consideration for world languages, should be made available starting at a minimum at 7th grade. For schools with fewer than three sections per grade, a written plan should be available to parents and guardians describing how advanced learners will be challenged. 

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