PLACE NYC-Endorsed Candidates Win Big in Citywide & Community Education Council Elections

(New York – June 17, 2023) New York City parent-volunteer education advocacy group, PLACE NYC expanded its Citywide and Community Education Council (CEC) endorsement efforts for the 2023-2025 election cycle with outstanding results. 73% of PLACE NYC endorsed candidates won seats and will make up 40% of all elected council seats in New York City’s version of the school board.  PLACE NYC candidates won all elected seats on the Citywide Council on High Schools (CCHS) which represents over 300,000 families, and top performing school districts including Brooklyn’s District 20, and Queens’ District 26.  PLACE-endorsed candidates also dominated Manhattan’s Districts 2 and 3, and Queens’ Districts 25 and 28. 

PLACE NYC congratulates all candidates on being elected to their respective Citywide & Community Education Councils (CCECs) to serve for the 2023-2025 term. The 133 elected parents PLACE endorsed are from different ethnic, cultural, racial, religious and socioeconomic groups, many of whom are immigrants. This diverse group reflects the true diversity of New York City public schools, and will help build and protect the rigorous academics and merit-based accelerated education programs so many parents want in our schools.

Since 2019,  PLACE has encouraged its network of concerned parents to be more active in influencing education policies of the DOE as well as the city and state government. This year PLACE expanded its endorsement reach from its inaugural efforts in 2021 when PLACE endorsed 88 candidates across 16 Councils. Our 2021 PLACE endorsed candidates received one-third of all votes cast and gave voice to pro-merit families on Councils who had previously been ignored. This year, PLACE expanded its endorsements to all of the councils because we know all families across NYC care deeply about our children’s education and want more rigorous academics and merit-based, accelerated education opportunities in our public schools.

“PLACE applauds parents who stepped up to run for Council seats and volunteer their time to make our public schools better. We took on the tremendous work of recruiting and educating parents about CECs and take enormous pride in helping elect 133 parents who will serve their communities in the next two years,” said Chien Kwok, PLACE NYC Co-President.

Newly elected Brooklyn CCHS representative Linda Quarles says “PLACE NYC continues to lead the way for families who want rigorous education and merit based admissions for our students. I am motivated by the important work PLACE does and inspired to see PLACE expand its outreach.”  

Newly elected District 2 CEC member Charles Love says “I am grateful to PLACE for their efforts to ensure all NYC Public Schools stay focused on providing a high-quality education for all students. The information sessions and campaign guidance provided by PLACE volunteers were helpful for a first time candidate such as myself. I am looking forward to serving on CEC2”

The results of this election is a clear mandate from New York City Public School parents for expanded accelerated education opportunities and merit-based admissions. It is now incumbent upon Chancellor Banks to ensure that his Superintendents and administration listen to these elected parent leaders. NYC families have spoken.