Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What is PLACE NYC?

Parent Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum and Education NYC (PLACE NYC) is a group of parent volunteers who advocate for quality rigorous education for all students beginning at elementary school. We believe in improving the overall quality of public school education, improving and expanding Gifted & Talented programs, screened middle schools and high schools, and the preservation of the Specialized High School Admissions Test as the sole criteria for admissions to the specialized high schools. We believe admissions to competitive academic programs should be based on merit and not lottery.

Parents launched PLACE NYC in September 2019 to push back against the NYC Department of Education, then Chancellor Richard Carranza and then Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s attempts to reduce the availability of quality rigorous academics by eliminating Gifted & Talented programs and Specialized High Schools.

Q2) What education policies does PLACE NYC advocate for?

PLACE NYC’s advocacy has evolved and expanded since its inception. PLACE NYC advocates to improve the academic rigor and standards of all New York City public schools’ curricula so all students are able to access and receive a high quality public school education starting at elementary school that improves students’ ability to achieve their greatest academic potential, and prepares them for the next phase of their life’s journey whether it involves advanced coursework, college or vocational pathways, or the workforce. PLACE NYC advocates for quality rigorous education for all students, including accelerated and merit based programs:

  1. The preservation and expansion of Specialized High Schools (“SHS”) and the preservation of the NYS Hecht-Calandra law which mandates the SHSAT as the sole means of admission to SHSs.
  1. Restoration, preservation, expansion and academic improvement of NYC’s Gifted & Talented programs.
  1. Restoration, expansion of existing, and the development of new, accelerated curriculum options available to all NYC students such as AP high school courses, Special Progress middle school programs, academically-screened middle schools, and honors programs within all schools.
  1. A commitment that all students receive quality coursework that best supports their academic needs ranging from remedial to grade-level to advanced level instruction, and that schools prioritize education in core subject areas of mathematics, English Language Arts, science, social studies.
  1. Rigorously analyzed non-academic pedagogy to ensure rigorous and quality academics are not replaced by curricula that does not prepare students for the next phase of their life’s journey.
  1. After school programming that includes encouraging academic learning, proficiency, and excellence.
  1. Maintenance of rigorous New York State Regents exams as a high school graduation requirement.
  1. Improved diversity in academically accelerated learning schools and programs by improving academic performance and outcomes of all students starting at elementary school and increasing the number of early education programs and enhancing the curriculum, standards and expectations of those programs.

Q3)  How does PLACE NYC advocate for its education positions?

PLACE NYC meets with many different stakeholders including senior members of the DOE and Chancellor Banks, NYC and NYS elected officials and their staff, CEC and Citywide Council Members, PA/PTA/PTO officers, and other advocacy groups to discuss education policy, issues, potential solutions, and how PLACE NYC can partner and support those stakeholder and our common interests to improve the quality of education all of our students receive.

Members of PLACE NYC publish white papers on accelerated education, write Op-Eds, participate in panel discussions and speak regularly to members of the media.

PLACE NYC partners with other advocacy organizations and organizes and participates in rallies and protests.

PLACE NYC recommends candidates in CEC and local elections who align with our advocacy.

PLACE NYC is active on social media and has Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp and Twitter accounts for sharing information, providing parents a place to come together and discuss education related issues and ask questions.

Q4)  How do I find more information about PLACE NYC?


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Q5)  What activities and events has PLACE NYC hosted?

Much of our work involves raising awareness, encouraging parent engagement and giving parents a voice in their children’s education. Since PLACE NYC’s inception, PLACE NYC has hosted events, sessions and rallies involving parents, DOE and elected officials and other advocacy organizations related to:

  1. Accelerated learning
  2. School funding
  3. G&T, MS and SHS/HS admissions processes, including understanding the MS and HS lottery process
  4. Campaigns and rallies in support of G&T and Specialized High Schools
  5. Meetings and forums with the NYC DOE, elected officials and political candidates

PLACE NYC also issues event driven press releases on numerous educational topics, conducts surveys, petitions and other awareness and informational campaigns.

PLACE NYC meets and speaks with and informs CEC/Citywide members, PTA/PTO/PA members, public school parents, news reporters, etc. on numerous educational topics.

Q6)  How can I join PLACE NYC?

Start by joining our Facebook Group and get involved in the conversation

Q7)  How do I contact PLACE NYC?

We can be reached at: