The “Class Size” Law is an Unfunded Mandate That Will Harm Students and Take Away Opportunities from NYC School Kids

Academically successful schools should be exempt from the unfunded NY State “Class Size” law. Why? Because the so-called “Class Size” law takes opportunities away from students by decreasing seats in the most in-demand schools such as popular gifted & talented, accelerated and advanced placement programs, specialized and performing arts schools, without adding any new seats! The law shrinks opportunities for kids to succeed and reach their potential. 

Parents are asking NY Governor Kathy Hochul and Senate Chair of NYC Education John Liu to exempt high-performing successful schools and classrooms from the implementation of the disastrous unfunded $2B Class Size legislation. The NYC Department of Education (DOE) should instead be allowed to focus its limited resources to support students in high poverty, low performing schools that already meet the class size caps mandated by the new law, using more cost effective methods and tools to improve academic outcomes—instead of eliminating seats at schools in high demand.

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