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Parent Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum and Education are elected members in their school communities who have taken the big step forward to be visible, to represent and to lead. PLACE NYC includes:

• PTA elected officers

• SLT members

• CEC members

Friends of Accelerated Curriculum and Education are the core of our parent voice. A vibrant community created to inform, share, support and mobilize our advocacy efforts,
FACE NYC includes:

• Parents, teachers, alumni, students and many others who support our advocacy for accelerated curricula and education in New York City schools.

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Test Anxiety

Asian-American parents mobilized to oppose the de Blasio administration’s specialized high school proposal. Now they’re fighting a larger battle. “Amid all the disagreement, it’s undeniabl…

Pertinent Education Bills 2021-2022 Legislative Session

NYS Senate S3087 – Repeals Hecht-Calandrahttps://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2021/S3087Sponsored by Senaor Salazar; co-sponsored by Senators Hoylman, Brisport, Jackson, Sepulaveda.No…

Education News Roundup: 65,000 DOE employees have gotten a COVID-19 vaccine

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Re-Open Schools Rally; End the 2-Case Rule

On March 13, parents, students, educators, coaches and several PLACE NYC members came together on the steps of the DOE headquarters at Tweed Courthouse in the “Rally to Re-open School…

Education News Roundup: 25K New Students Opt for In-Person Classes

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