Elected Officers

Yiatin Chu


CEC (District 1), SLT PS184M

Yiatin Chu is an immigrant New Yorker and attended NYC public schools including as an ESL student at PS116, JHS 194 and The Bronx High School of Science. Her parent experience spans 16 years across at the Anderson School, Stuyvesant High School, PS340 and PS184 Shuang Wen School. In addition to her elected roles on CEC1 and SLT at PS184, she is on the DOE Bilingual Working Group and advocates for Mandarin dual-language programs. She is an outspoken education advocate for the Asian parent community.

Lucas Liu


CEC (District 3), PTA PS9

Lucas Liu is a member of CEC 3, serves as Treasurer, and on the Executive Committee. Lucas is also the Chair of the CEC 3 Multilingual Committee where he advocates for bilingual programs and education in District 3 and across NYC. He was originally appointed to CEC 3 by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, served for the maximum two terms, and was then elected to serve on CEC 3. Lucas is also a member of the Parents’ Association at PS 9 where he leads the Grants Committee.

Maud Maron

Vice President

CEC (District 2), SLT PS41 and Salk

Maud Maron is a public defender, public school parent of four children, and elected education leader. She served as the President of District 2’s Community Education Council (CEC) where she founded the multilingual learner committee and helped to establish the first Universal pre-K Dual Language program in the district. As a member of the New York State Integration Pilot (NYSIP) Team she helped secure a $2.6 million grant to develop and implement a district specific integration plan. 

Vito LaBella


CEC (District 20), PTO Brooklyn Tech

Vito LaBella has been an active participant in school government since 2016. He started as a SLT member at two schools before becoming President of the IS 187 PTA and President of the D20 Presidents’ Council. He still maintains the position at IS 187 and is also an Executive Board member of the Brooklyn Technical High School Parent’s Association, the VP of the D20 Presidents’ Council and an elected Parent Member of CEC 20. Prior to his work with the schools he served as a lieutenant in the NYC Police Department where he retired after a 31 year career.

Ben Morden


CEC (District 2)

Benjamin Morden is an elected member of the NYC Community Education Council District 2 for the 2019-2021 term and serves as the Chairperson for CECD2 Screening Committee. Previously Benjamin had served for 5-years as a Class Parent in both PS 33 and PS 116, and was elected to the PS 116 School Leadership Team.
Benjamin is an ardent advocate for accelerated curriculum education and meaningful afterschool enrichment programs. One of the founding directors of the nonprofit HerMoveNext Foundation, HMN encourages more girls to play and coach competitive scholastic chess throughout NYC in an activity where 5 out of 6 scholastic players are boys.
A native New Yorker, Benjamin attended public schools in Queens and the Bronx High School of Science, and graduated from NYU’s Stern School of Business with an MBA. Benjamin believes to obtain sustainable long term school integration, student outcomes must be urgently addressed and improved in grades K-5 through rigorous but engaging curricula that inspire passion for lifelong learning.

Deborah Alexander

Co-Recording Secretary

CEC (District 30)

Deborah Alexander is the proud mother of two children in NYC public schools.  She has been a member of the District 30 Community Education Council for seven years, and served as Co-President for the past four.  Deborah is currently enrolled in law school, with a focus on public interest and education law. She received a New York City Proclamation for Work as a Community Leader.

Alysa O’Shea

Co-Recording Secretary

CEC (District 27)

Alysa O’Shea is a CEC 27 Queens Borough President Appointee, first selected for an interim position for the 2018/19 term and then re-appointed for the current term from 2019/2021.  She previously served as the Council’s Treasurer and is currently elected as the Parliamentarian. 
Alysa is an involved parent volunteer and a dedicated advocate for Students with Disabilities in the public school system. She is also an active member of the Townsend Harris High School PTA. 

Executive Board

Yi Fang Chen

CEC (Distrct 20)

Yi Fang Chen is an elected member of the NYC Community Education Council District 20 for the 2019-2021 term. She is an immigrant New Yorker and attended NYC Public High School as an ESL Student in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. She has children currently attending Elementary and preschool in District 20.  She believes that everyone deserves equal opportunity in this country, but not equal outcomes. 

Veronica Flores

SLT (District 1)

Born and raised in East Harlem to immigrant Ecuadorian parents, Veroniaca attended NYC public schools PS206M, DaVinci Prep (no longer exists) and Brooklyn Technical High School. She is a proud mom to a middle-school bound student who currently attends the Gifted and Talented Program at the Roberto Clemente School (PS15) and previously attended the dual language program at Alfred E Smith School (PS 1). In addition to Veronica’s day job as a Technology Auditor for one of NYC oldest financial institutions, she has served on PS15’s SLT for the past 3 years. She believes the key to success is to have equal access to accelerated learning programs in all communities. She advocates for the expansion of high quality education opportunities for all students based on standards designed to achieve a student’s full potential.

John J. Keller

PTA / SLT Citywide HS

John Keller is the dad of two sons who have been enrolled in New York City Public Schools since Kindergarten. He is currently a Member of the School Leadership Team at the Bronx High School of Science and Vice President of the Parent Association of Stuyvesant High School. John was elected and re-elected three times to the Community Education Council for District 2, where he served from July 2013 through June 2019. John Keller is also a member of Community Board 6 in Manhattan and is Chair of the Board’s Health and Education Committee.

Chien Kwok

PTA (District 2)

Chien Kwok is PTA co-President and was parent-elected SLT member at PS 111, a highly diverse Title I elementary school in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen. He is a first generation Asian immigrant who attended New York City public, private and parochial elementary and middle schools. He is a graduate of Brooklyn Technical High School. Chien’s two children are currently in or graduated from the G&T program at PS 111. He is a passionate advocate for restoring equal access to gifted and honors programs in all schools that once provided advanced academics in all communities and served as the pathway for thousands of black and Hispanic students to enroll at specialized high schools annually for 20 years.

Leonard Silverman

CEC (District 2)
President’s Council (District 2)

Leonard Silverman is currently serving his second term as the District 2 representative on the Chancellor’s Parent Advisory Council and as Co-President of the District 2 President’s Council. He is an elected  member of Manhattan Community Education Council D2 and is Chair of the Board’s Community Engagement Committee. He previously served two terms as PTA President at M.S. 114 (East Side Middle School) and two terms as PTA President at P.S. 77 (The Lower Lab School). He has also held a number of other PTA leadership positions and has served as an SLT member. He previously was a “public member” of Manhattan Community Board 8 and was a member of the Board’s Youth, Education and Libraries Committee. A practicing attorney since 1992, he is the father of three boys that all attend New York City public schools.