Demand the DOE Roll Back Lottery Admissions

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Take Action on MS Admissions Change to Lottery. Send ONE email to elected officials in 5 easy steps.

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Subject: Demand the DOE Roll Back Lottery Admissions

Dear Elected Officials,

I live in your district. I am a parent of ## children in District ## at _________ school(s).I am writing to ask for your help to get the DOE to roll back the lottery admissions plan for Middle School Admissions.

Lotteries are not fair – our education should not be based on luck. Lotteries do not attempt to match students with schools that meet their academic needs. This policy is bad for my family and all students in OUR DISTRICT.

The DOE got this decision backwards. They say they are making these changes because of COVID. But this is the last thing families need when we’ve already gone through so much with remote learning, delayed admissions information, and our own family hardships.

Telling children their academic future should be left up to a lottery is insulting. And this lottery is very poorly thought out. No more auditions for performing arts schools? Why? It just seems cruel.

All schools should have rigorous academic programming. That is what needs to be fixed.

As my elected official you must demand DOE roll back these changes.


Bonus: To make it even more relevant, you can add your district elected officials.

Your Borough President:
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