City Will Offer Gifted & Talented Test To Four-Year-Old Students One Last Time

“Lucas Liu, co-founder of Parent Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum and Education, an advocacy group pushing for the expansion of G&T, argues that eliminating the test would be inherently racist, particularly for parents of Black and Hispanic students who seek to expose their children to more rigorous instruction.

“Their strategy for closing the achievement gap is to attack achievement and lower the average in order to close the gap instead of helping students that struggling students starting in elementary school, and help raise them,” Liu said. “So we continue to send kids unprepared out into the real world. And I think that’s a crime. And actually, I think that’s racist because look who the majority of those students are: low-income, Black and Hispanic kids, which the Chancellor continues to do nothing about [in] addressing the education they receive.”

Liu added that canceling the test will simply place academically ambitious students to subpar schools that won’t meet their need for competitive learning.”

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