PLACE NYC Calls for the Continuation and Expansion of Academically-Accelerated G&T Programs

New York, NY, January 13, 2021 — On behalf of all NYC parents who want a high quality education for their kids, PLACE NYC strongly opposes NYC DOE’s recently announced plan to end Gifted and Talented after this year and instead urges the next mayor to expand these successful programs to all schools and districts.

Additionally, PLACE NYC demands the DOE give the G&T test for the 2021-2022 school year to students in Pre-K through 2nd Grade as expected by parents. In order for the DOE to keep its belated commitment to approximately 30,000 families who have been anxiously waiting to sign up for this year’s Gifted & Talented (G&T) admissions test, it must immediately provide clear instructions to families for how to access this year’s test. All DOE communications must be simultaneously translated in all nine DOE supported languages. The DOE must ensure all prospective families—including low income, disadvantaged, and immigrant families especially where a G&T program is not offered at their local schools—know about the test and the program’s benefits, availability and admissions process.

“NYC families want supportive and diverse classrooms where their child will benefit from academically rigorous instruction while also learning with children from different socio-economic, racial and cultural backgrounds,” said Yiatin Chu, co-President of PLACE NYC.

PLACE NYC remains steadfast in our mission for rigorous and robust accelerated academic programs accessible and available to all students. We welcome a genuine partnership with the current and future Mayor, Chancellor and the DOE to shape and expand such programs that increase access and expand opportunities to all students in every school and in every community.


PLACE NYC ( is the fastest growing parent advocacy group in New York City. PLACE NYC advocates for a high quality, challenging education for every student in all NYC DOE Public Schools by increasing the academic rigor of all school curricula and expansion of accelerated opportunities including Gifted and Talented, honors and Special Progress, and Specialized High Schools. We believe that accelerated curricula at all grade levels improve individual student outcomes, advance integration efforts and strengthen school quality.

Press Contacts:

Yiatin Chu, Co-President, PLACE NYC

Lucas Liu Co-President, PLACE NYC