What to know about suit challenging alleged ‘racist’ education system in NYC

Chien Kwok, the co-founder of PLACE NYC — a parent-led organization advocating for expanding access to G&T programs — and a recently elected member of the Community Education Council of District 2, said the old system yielded a more diverse student population.

Under the Bloomberg-imposed testing system, the duty of identifying gifted students fell to parents, who had to opt for their children to test for an extremely limited spot in the G&T programs. Some parents could not easily navigate the complex path to G&T testing either because of time constraints or financial restraints, according to Kwok, who attended New York City schools in the 1980s and attended Brooklyn Tech.

“(Centralizing) made it hard for families with parents working two jobs … to go through a very onerous process,” said Kwok.

Read the full article on ABC News: https://abcnews.go.com/US/suit-challenging-alleged-racist-education-system-nyc/story?id=79410312