How NYC Can Implement – And Improve – Gifted & Talented Programs for 2022 and Beyond: A Parent’s Take

(This is a guest post by T. Hunter Dare, the parent of a 6th grader at MS104 where he serves on the School Leadership Team. He is also Co-Chair of PLACE NYC’s G&T Advocacy Team.  Hunter is passionate about developing a public school system that identifies, nurtures, and challenges all advanced learners, particularly those from disadvantaged, ELL and special needs backgrounds who too often go unserved by accelerated education programs.)

Chancellor Banks is to be commended for his now firm commitment to keep and expand G&T. Most recently, in a meeting with the CEC Presidents, Deputy Chancellor Lloyd said “G&T is here to stay,” and will be expanded. More importantly, she was referring to a selective admissions program not “Brilliant” style G&T for all. Now the questions turn to what the Chancellor’s G&T program will look like and how students will be selected.

Over the coming months, there will undoubtedly be much discussion at the DOE about the long-run plan for G&T. But for the 2022-23 school year, the DOE does not have the luxury of months. The NYC public school system is seeing an unprecedented decline in enrollment. In recent remarks, Chancellor Banks recognized that there are families leaving the system due to the lack of accelerated learning choices. With parochial, private, neighborhood public and charter school admissions decisions coming soon, parents need clarity on G&T now.

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