Special commission debates the fate of Regents exams in New York

NEW YORK – High school students in New York must pass Regents exams in order to graduate, but the controversial testing mandate has created widespread debate.

Chien Kwok is a parent and the Co-President of PLACE NYC, an advocacy group for school children. “We should not lower the standards because some kids cannot do well on it.” — Chien Kwok, parent and co-president of PLACE NYC. Kwok is in one camp when it comes to requiring Regents exams for students. 

Chien Kwok’s response is that school officials should address the reasons why they’re having trouble meeting the standards. “It’s one standard, so we can know how well students are doing–how well teachers are educating and for parents to know as well, she explained.

At this point though, it appears as though the special commission will lean towards eliminating the Regents exams. Ultimately they will combine exam results with the students’ course work grades from the school year.

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Watch the news segment: https://youtu.be/u5lZ_OSFbM4