Position Statement on SHSAT

1. Expand the pipeline of students prepared for the SHSAT & SHS by making high quality education available in all schools. Quality education must start at 3-K and Pre-K.  

2. Double the number of specialized high schools to accommodate the increased demand for STEM education in every borough. Students should not have to commute long hours to attend school.

3. Protect the specialized high school admissions by a competitive, objective and scholastic achievement examination (Hecht –Calandra)

  • Specialized high school admissions should not be subject to whims of NYC mayors every 4 or 8 years. 
  • The 3 original specialized high schools have been serving NYC families over nearly a century.
  • To deliver on the opportunity of economic mobility, these schools must maintain the highest standards.
  • Brooklyn Tech High School, the largest of the 3 original schools, was 50% Black and Hispanic for 20+ years.
  • Specialized high schools presently and historically serve immigrants and low income families.
  • The SHSAT is the best admission method compared to all other proposals that have been brought forth to-date. The design and validity of SHSAT was confirmed by DOE to “differentiate among very top performer” and  its strong relationship to “subsequent high school achievement”.