New York City Schools’ Coronavirus Cases Are Low, Anxieties High

Admissions mystery prompts rallies
The city has yet to release application timelines and requirements for September 2021. Normally by this time in the fall, families are using such criteria to judge where to apply. In another delay, officials haven’t yet scheduled the Specialized High School Admissions Test for exam schools like Stuyvesant High School, the highly competitive science-oriented school in Manhattan. In the past, the test for specialized schools, which determines admission, was in early November, with applications for other high schools due in December.

Parents who favor selective admissions at middle and high schools, saying they give talented students the chance to learn with peers, fear Mr. de Blasio will use the coronavirus crisis to make long-term revisions, or perhaps try a lottery. Some held a protest near City Hall on Friday to call for keeping gifted programs and admissions screens, and faster answers on the process.

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