Parent letter rips City Hall silence on Gifted and Talented programs

Roughly 1,600 parents signed a letter blasting City Hall’s silence on the fate of Gifted and Talented program admissions for next year.

While Mayor Bill de Blasio revealed middle and high school entry criteria last month, officials made no mention of the accelerated academic programs.

“It is highly concerning that the DOE has not yet renewed the contract for the G&T entrance exams in July,” stated the letter addressed to de Blasio and schools Chancellor Richard Carranza. “It is even more alarming that after the DOE opened Kindergarten application on December 14 the G&T information was notably absent in Mayor de Blasio’s December 18 middle school and high school announcement.”

The campaign was organized by Parent Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum and Education, an advocacy group that has emerged as the primary source of organized opposition to anti-screening parents and activists.

Citing the need to address the impact of the coronavirus on city kids, City Hall scrapped academic screens for middle schools next year and allowed them for high schools.

But the future of Gifted and Talented programs remains unaddressed.

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