Take Action: FOIL for Your Student’s Lottery Number

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DOE Must Give Students Their Lottery Number in Advance of Middle School Applications and Be Transparent in the Lottery Process

Read PLACE NYC statement on Middle School Lottery

FOIL Freedom of Information Law from the NYC Department of Education

FOIL requests regarding an individual student’s information has to be filed by the family. FOIL can be filed by email. All you need is your child’s name, school, grade, OSIS number (it’s on the report card).

Below is a template email message you can personalized. Copy, personalize and send.

Email: FOIL@schools.nyc.gov

Dear DOE FOIL Officer,

I am filing a FOIL request to access the lottery number, and relative lottery rank with regard to all applicants in the city and district [your school district ##], that my child [child’s name], OSIS [OSIS #], currently in [# grade] grade in school [school name and number] drew in the middle school admission lottery for the 2020/2021 admission cycle. Please send this information to [parent email].

Signed [parent name], legal guardian of [child’s name]