PLACE NYC Congratulates Thousands of 8th Graders Who Took the SHSAT Today

New York, NY, January 27, 2021– PLACE NYC congratulates the thousands of 8th graders who took the Specialized High School Admissions Test today. They have been patient and they have worked hard under unprecedented conditions in the past year. Despite delays, uncertainty, and misguided attempts to derail the SHSAT, the day is finally here. 

Parent of an 8th grader and Co-Secretary of PLACE NYC, Deborah Alexander said: “In the past, what might have been pure nerves has morphed into “day of the show” excitement for these kids, not unlike a big sports match or music recital. With the rest of their worlds upside down, today is a little bit of normalcy for which I, as a parent, am grateful.”

Hard work and preparation are life skills that benefit all students. The academic rigor and accelerated coursework at the Specialized High Schools are nurturing programs for those who are interested and prepared for these schools. PLACE NYC believes that all students should have the opportunity to thrive in their appropriate academic environment.