NYC public school budget climbs while enrollment plummets: ‘Something is going wrong’

“We’ve topped out in New York City. I don’t think you can spend any more money per student and get these kinds of terrible results,” Maud Maron, an NYC parent and the co-president of Parent Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum and Education NYC (PLACE NYC), told Crisis in the Classroom (CITC).

NYC’s per-student spending is expected to reach $31,434 this fiscal year, more than double the national average.

“If I saw that more money was producing better results for kids, I’d be out there on the front lines fighting for more money,” Maron told CITC. “And I was early on as a parent advocate … but at this point, it’s pretty clear that it’s not solving the problems.”

To Maron, the “problems” being neglected range from learning losses to chronic absenteeism to school safety. However, most important to her and many other NYC parents are test scores.”

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